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In this year I was in London one month. I studied in St Giles and I really improved my English. I lived in London with my Friend from University in Moscow. We lived in Woodsidepark in Northern London. Our family was very helpful and hospitable. Husband was from England and wife from Thailand. They have 3 children but the youngest was 25 and they didn't live in our house.

We studied English 4 hours every day. My teacher Donna was very nice and helpful. London is very big and beautiful. There are so many attractions. We saw Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar square, Big Ben and London Eye.

Weather was sunny and we didn't see any clouds and rains. Food was also great it was so spicy and delicious. One time we also went to Manchester on football match. There was playing Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Our journey took about 12 hours but it was very funny and it wasn't waste of time.

We really enjoyed our journey to London.

I'd like to thank "Kanzler"agency for such a remarkable program.

Leonid Bulakin, St. Giles Highgate

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