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Отзыв – Гунин Юрий, St.Giles Central London, Executive English,семья рассказывает об обучении за рубежом


I'm very glad, that we chose St. Giles college. The quality of it is really high. I was warmly received both by family and by teachers. First week I learnt English in small group of two: manager from Germany and I. For six lessons we had four teachers, and last lesson I polished my language one to one.

Second week our group was widened by 4: a lawyer from Italy and two executive managers from Eastern Europe.

First days it was very difficult for me because my listening practice is poor and I could understand only some extracts from the conversations. Nevertheless by the end of course I began to catch the matter and could afford to take active part in conversations, particularly in the Pubs after couple pints of beer.

At the college are created all the necessary conveniences for successful educations, most teachers have big experience and the atmosphere is creative, particularly during chats in the intervals between lessons.

My staying in the family also was pleasant, my hosts are very good teachers, and in the evenings I had the most useful lessons, speaking with them.

I've got the following level after course : (Writing, Listening) - Low intermediate.
(Reading, Speaking) - High Intermediate.

I don't stop my education and after some time, maybe by the end of this year I'll be ready to go to London for several weeks, again with "Kanzler" agency.

Best regards,


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